What is agency work?

Healthcare Agency work is the supply of staff to healthcare services on a temporary or short term basis. Our staff work at a variety of services and in a variety of environments. Agency work is flexible, meaning you as a contractor choose when you are available to work. You submit your availability and the location/health type preferences and Precedo will supply you with shifts from our clients that fit that criteria. Precede Healthcare have Agency staff that work as little as one shift per month to staff working 60 hours per week.

What are the pay rates at Precedo?

Pay rates can and do vary. However, Agency workers typically earn more money per hour than standard, direct employees. In an NHS setting, Precedo pay approximately 20% – 40% higher than the agenda for change pay rates. In a private setting, our staff can expect to earn 30% – 40% more than directly employed staff. Pay rates vary by setting and location. Precedo aims to ensure that its agency workforce receives the best available rates of pay whilst remaining competitive to their clients in the local market place.

What shifts are available to you at Precedo?

Precedo have a wide range of shifts available at Precedo – early shifts, day shifts, night shifts and sleep-in’s. We aim to match shift type to the weekly availability that you submit. We partner prestigious and local healthcare organisations and institutions including the NHS and Private Hospitals. Contact your local branch to determine what specifically is available for you.

Do I get paid for my breaks?

This is at the client/services discretion. You should clarify with your consultant upon accepting the shift. In all instances we have to work in accordance to and align with client policy.

What happens to my DBS (formerly CRB check – Criminal Record Check)?

At Precedo we encourage all of our staff to be registered on the DBS update service. After an initial fee of £50.00 to pay for the DBS, the update service allows the applicant to keep their DBS certificates up-to-date for an annual fee of £13.00 per year. Precedo refund this to their agency works once obtained and annually thereafter. Your DBS is transferrable if registered on the update service i.e. it can be transferred to Precedo or another employer

How do I submit my availability?

Your availability is submitted to your designated consultant. The greater the understanding between you and your consultant, the easier it is for you to get the shifts that you want. We need your availability to be up-to-date in order to plan your work schedules to your liking.

What Happens when I’m booked into a shift?

When you accept a shift from your Precedo Consultant you will receive:

  • Verbal confirmation from the consultant
  • A confirmation text listing the address of the client/service, times date and location is sent to you
  • A call the evening before your shift to confirm that everything is okay

What do I do with my timesheets?

Timesheets are submitted on a weekly basis. Monday 10.30am is the cut-off for timesheets to be submitted to your Precedo Consultant. Any timesheets that are submitted after the 10.30am cut-off will be processed and paid the following week. We need to enforce this deadline rigorously to ensure payroll lead times are able to be satisfactorily met.


All Precedo Agency Staff are issued with at least one Uniform following your clearance to work. The uniform is traditionally a Healthcare Tabard which differ in colour depending on the healthcare position i.e. Care Assistant, Nurse or Support Worker. You will receive your uniform and badge via next day recorded delivery or during your Induction Training. Your first uniform is free.

What Health & Social Care positions do Precedo require and place?

Precedo Healthcare require Healthcare Assistants, Support Workers and Qualified Nurses. In a Nursing capacity all nursing bands (2-8) are sought after.

Where do Precedo place their Agency Staff?

Precedo contracts with leading Healthcare institutions. These include: Private Hospitals, NHS Hospitals and Trusts, Mental Health Hospitals, Private Nursing, Care and \residential homes, Supported Living Services, Housing Support, Charitable Organisations and healthcare in a community setting. Precedo also deliver Continuing Healthcare Services (CHC) to Service Users in a Residential establishment or in their own homes. All partner Health establishment are assessed and monitored to ensure safe and adequate health environments are provided to only and at all times.

How is my ‘Compliance’ managed and is the recruitment process efficient?

Precedo Healthcare has an internal Human Resource Department. This department works closely with each supplying branch to ensure an efficient and effective recruitment process and on-going worker compliance. Given the industry that we operate within and the sensitive nature of our services, compliance is key and crucial to agency sustainability and on-going service usage by our clients. Precedo does not compromise on compliance. This is what allows us to partner prestigious health and social care organisations that other agency suppliers can’t touch due to insufficient compliance application, knowledge and/or ability.

Can I work as a Limited Company Contractor?

Yes. Precedo Healthcare are aware that this is often the contracting means of choice for many Healthcare and Agency workers. We use a number of payroll umbrella companies to broker this arrangement if the agency member of staff is unable or unwilling to manage their own Limited Company. Where contracting staff to operate their own Limited Company, Precedo are required to hold necessary documentation and undertake necessary checks, both initially and ongoing, to ensure that the Limited Company is operating in accordance to legal guidelines and tax structures.

What is a ‘Precedo Consultant’?

All Precedo Agency workers will be assigned a responsible Precedo Consultant. The Precedo Consultant is office based and will be your main point of contact for all matters. The Consultants primary responsibility is to ensure that you, the agency worker, receives the right shifts, at the right times in the right places. The Consultant will manage your availability and ensure that you receive the best rates of pay and terms of employment or engagement.

Will I receive any training and career development opportunities?

All Precedo Agency Staff receive mandatory training on an annual basis. Most modules are classroom based to ensure that the training module is focused, well received and understood. All training is delivered from our in-house trainer and is aligned to NHS mandatory curriculums. This curriculum surpasses CQC requirement.

Precedo’s investment into your training and personal development is extensive. We partner the RCN and have a unique learning agreement with them. This ensure that bespoke training modules and disciplines are available to our agency workforce.

What about Nursing Revalidation?

Precedo can and do assist with NMC Revalidation. We have in-house Nurse Assessors that are able to advice on Revalidation and support you through the process. Precedo Healthcare undertakes various ‘quality’ initiatives throughout any given year to ensure that our qualified workforce is up-to-date and compliant in all areas; these include: supervisions, appraisals, work assessments, skill utilisation by client type, client feedback, monitoring, training and development. All disciplines and functions in this regard are available for inclusion in the revalidation submission.